Mike, Karen, Nina, Janae, and Marcy moved to San Jose Costa Rica in Aug of 2011, then lived in the Dominican Republic from May 2012 until May 2016. Currently we are living in Middlebury Indiana.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Middlebury Indiana.. Here we are.

       On Thursday night May 26th we landed in Chicago for the "last time" in a sense. It was pretty weird looking down knowing that we will not be returning anytime soon anyway. We stayed at Karen's folks house for a few days until the closing on ours on May 31. Words can not explain the way we have felt Gods hand on our returning trip. A place to say for a few days, the closing on our new house moving up from June 30 to the 15th, to the 10th, then to May 30. (none of which was our asking for). A place to move our household things into in the "in-between-period". Great deals on a vehicle for Karen and one for Janae, for a job opportunities that feels so right.  Thanks to all of you for the prayers during this time.
         Our adjustment back to our "Passport Culture" has been much smoother so far than any of us had anticipated. It is so good to be back around family and church friends again. There was a joint baby shower on the 29th for Abby and Rachel. It is strange to see them both pregnant when it seems like not so long ago, they themselves were babies. Time has a way of doing that. We are excited to that next chapter in "our" lives as well as for them both. Abby is still in Edmond Oklahoma and Rachel in Elkhart Indiana.
          Our house still has a few boxes that are unpacked but over all it has gone really good. Much better actually than we had thought maybe. We have already been to the school where Janae and Marcy will be attending and both of them on right on track for their grade levels. Nina had her appointment to be placed in a group home and we were told that that "could" happen as soon as in the next 60 days. Karen is still looking for employment of some sort, hopefully in the school system. I am still in the job search process. with a couple of really good opportunities, I just need to try to figure out which of them is the one that I am being called too at this time.  I am still on staff with Students International and will be leading some construction teams to the five different areas in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and of course the Dominican Republic. I also hope to attend some mission trade shows throughout the year. We still want to get connected to a Spanish Speaking church for mid-week or Sunday night
Eating at our new home at our campfire that Marcy helped me put in.

 I will not be updating this as often anymore but I will try to give an update every 6-8 weeks to keep you informed mostly of our involvement with Students International. Thanks again all of you who supported us. During this time. 
Mason Kenneth Rowe, 8# 4 oz. 21" long, born to Rachel and Elliot 6-8-2016

   Over the course of the week that it took me to write this post, Rachel and Elliot added a new member to the U family, Mason Kenneth entered the world on Wednesday evening about 10:30. Karen and I as well as the 4 bigs (Abby by way of SKYPE) were all there for the big event.  We are all so excited to begin this new era in all of our lives as Parents, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents.


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